Friday, December 12, 2008

Gwen Lu Editorial for (Greek) Ozon Magazine, November 2008

Model: Gwen Lu
Editorial: I Turn on Fire and Next to Me . . .
Magazine: (Greek) Ozon #63, November 2008
Photographer: Unknown / A Project by Y & Y


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Little Frivolous Somethings

When I was a kid, Christmas was about finally getting that one toy I've wanted all year long. When I grew older, it was about finally getting that one big fashion item that I've been craving for since all season. Now that I'm a bit older and (hopefully) wiser, I'm beginning to think that maybe that perfect Christmas gift is not about getting that big ticket item, but about getting that little frivolous something that will make you smile. Because really, I'd like to be present when a big ticket item is bought for me- just in case anything goes wrong. Besides, you'd be really broke if you bought something big for everyone you loved!

When I say frivolous, I do not mean something completely useless. It has got to be something that I would actually use, that little something that I've been meaning/wanting to buy but have put it on the backlog because there are more practical things on my list (like toothpaste, vacuum cleaners and Tweezerman tweezers- though if all else fails, these would not be a bad idea. At least they're useful!). Here are a few things on my backlog:
Essie nail varnish set. I am a HUGE fan of professional nail varnish (they go on SO much smoother and chips less!), Essie in particular. One can never have too much nail varnish, because they come in so many different colors and your favourite ones will start to dry out and coagulate after a while. I am especially loving this little gift set from Essie, because it encompasses all the classic colors one MUST have in their repertoire. They are also in delightfully small bottles that are actually more easy to carry and well, just the right size. I have personally never finished a bottle of nail varnish. Plus, did I mention that they are only $15 (they are usually $6-7 a bottle)!

The next thing on my list, are Shu Uemura fake lashes. Frivolous? Yes, for $20, they can only be used for one night. But fun? Definitely! I'd love to know what it feels like to have ridiculously long and perfect lashes for one night. This would also be the perfect time to give them out, because what better time is there to try fake lashes t hen New Years Eve? Speaking of New Years Eve, I have a vision. A vision of myself in a simple dress (of undecided color as of now) with a low side bun accessorized with this fabulous piece of purple feather (right). And if that plan should go awry, I can be masculine chic, in this adorable hat (left). I can even use this for Halloween next year! Spending $18 on literally a piece of feather is definitely not practical, but it will definitely draw a smile from me :)
Other random cute things on my list is a munny and a lego Ipod speaker. I don't really need ipod speakers, but I definitely wouldn't mind one that is so small and cute! And actually, I have a Munny. But mine didn't come out as I would like it to, so I'd love a second chance to decorate a Munny (including markers and other decorating materials would also be a nice touch).

Not exactly "little" , but I've always been very intrigued with lomography. I love taking pictures and I'd love to try out the different effects of lomography. The camera is not too expensive at $50 (compared to real digital cameras anyway), but if you factor in film and developing etc, it is actually a very expensive random hobby. Like those polaroids bac k in the days!

The purple frame (left) is not just a random piece of art. It is a mini DNA portrait! HG and I saw it on CNBC's list of weird gift ideas and our inner nerds are awaken. You really cannot get more personalized than a picture of your own DNA composition. And for someone to go to the effort of collecting your DNA sample and then go have it made.... that's a LOT of effort.

Then there
are classes. Cooking classes, dancing classes, it would just be FUN to take a random class with friends even though you will never be able to replicate that 5 layer chocolate cake you just made at home. My friends just did a Christmas Cupcake decorating class, and I am SO jealous, because it looked so much fun. I wish I was there! Sur la Table offers cooking classes for $69 and I'm sure the re are lots more similar places that I don't know of yet. Whatever you want to learn, there will be a class for it somewhere!

And last on my list is a really cute and big stuff toy. Something cute so it'll look good on my bed and something big and cushiony so I can lean on it while I read. I know, I am a kid at heart :P 8 more days til Christmas!!!

Image Source: Essie, Sephora, DNA 11 and Urban Outfitters

Lakshmi Menon Ad Campaign for MaxMara, Spring/Summer 2009

Models: Lakshmi Menon and Eniko Mihalik
Ad Campaign: MaxMara, Spring/Summer 2009
Photographer: Craig McDean

Source: Luxx @ tFs

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Han Jin Editorial for China Vogue, January 2008

OMG, I am sooooo in love with this editorial. Han Jin really ROCKS in these photos, especially photos #1, 2, 5, 7, 9 and 10. Photo #5 was used in her Spring/Summer 2009 show cards.

Again, BRAVO to China Vogue for using a Korean model. Korean Vogue needs to step up to the plate and include other Asian models in their pages. If you want your magazine to have an international appeal, you need to be more inclusive. Yeah, I know...we don't read Korean but we still want to see the photos.

Model: Han Jin
Editorial: Memoirs of Tartan
Magazine: China Vogue, January 2008
Photographer: Serge Leblon

Source: Alix* @ tFs

Han Jin & Daul Kim in Catwalk in NY, Fall 2008/Winter 2009

Korean TV recently produced a series of documentaries entitled, Catwalk in NY -- two of which featured Korean models, Han Jin and Daul Kim. The 1-hour documentaries followed the girls during the daily lives running to castings and fashion shows during the Fall 08/Winter 09 Fashion Week in NYC. The documentaries are in Korean with a smattering of English. I don't understand Korean so I can't help you with the translation but the videos are definitely fun to watch.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Oh boy, oh boy

How do you like your boy to look? Mine is the usual jeans and t-shirt kinda guy, but I like a little styled grunge to be honest!

A little flannel can go a long way. Too much flannel can be tacky and "OH LOOK I AM A HIPSTER."

Perhaps a little too trendy with the scarf and all - but nonetheless a rather eye-pleasing outfit! I love the checkered shirt.

I love this. I love the coat. He looks so... historical!

Casual, cute, playful! Lego belt!

Umm...yes, hello and hello.

Boys with style are big in my book - a little character like a neck scarf or a sharp looking jacket can make all the difference. Just enough scruff balanced out by the perfect amount of tidiness. And of course, excellent manners. Chivalry is not dead and of course style for men is alive as ever. Just a few things that make me sigh.

So tell me, how you would you like your man to dress?

All photos by The Sartorialist, which I love and adore. Who doesn't?

Philip Huang Ad Campaign for Lord & Taylor, Winter 2008

Models: Philip Huang & other models
Ad Campaign: Lord & Taylor, Winter 2008
Photographer: Matthew Brookes


Monday, December 8, 2008

Ctrl BG: A Shortcut to Financial News 12/14

It's been a stressful few weeks for US auto makers. Last week, they handed in their proposals to be reviewed by Congress. I'm not sure about the details, but it was along the lines of major cut backs, and the Ford CEO vowing to work for $1 a year if Ford had to take money from the government (they are currently only asking for a loan line for emergency). At the beginning of the week, the senate approved a bailout. On Thursday, it was blocked by opposing Republicans, who thinks that it will be better for the big 3 to pursue a prearranged bankruptcy instead and also because the Unions wouldn't back down from a wage cut (beggars really can't be choosers...). Supporters argue that no one wants to buy cars from a bankrupt car company, which is a very valid point (think of the warranty/repair issues!). On Friday, Bush had to step in vowing to save the automakers from collapsing, with the TARP money (which they originally didn't want to do). A lot is at stake. The automakers claim that 1 out of 10 jobs in the US is connected to the auto industry. That would be devastating to the already weak economy.

A very good example of this trickling effect, would be GMAC the auto financier, which just got approved to become a bank holding company last week. Unfortunately, becoming a bank holding company is not as easy as GS and MS makes it out to be and they're struggling to raise the capital needed to do so. They are trying to renegotiate with debt holders to swap the debt for a smaller amount of debt, cash and preferred shares. If this doesn't work then they are highly likely to go into bankruptcy.

The other big news this week was Bernie Madoff $50 billion fraud. This former chairman of the NASDAQ stock market and Wall Street legend, is allegedly the perpetrator of a $50 billion giant ponzi scheme. According to Wiki, a ponzie scheme is a fraudalent investment operation that pays abnormally high returns to investors using the money coming in from subsequent investors. Apparently lots of the super wealthy have been fooled by this scheme. It is amazing how much you can get away with, with a good reputation and an affable character!

It appears though that the markets is already immune to these scandals, because the markets ended (by a tiny bit) up this week!

Hyun Yi Lee Editorial for (French) Stiletto Magazine, Winter 2008

Model: Hyun Yi Lee
Editorial: Unknown
Source: (French) Stiletto Magazine, Winter 2008
Photographer: Unknown
Hair: Martyn Foss Calder
Makeup: Magali Buisson

Source: DC Models

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Hye Park Editorial for China Harper's Bazaar, November 2008

I have to applaud China Vogue for consistently using Asian models of non-Chinese ethnicity in its magazine. Hye Park, Ai Tominaga, Han Jin and Eugenia Mandzhieva have all appeared on China Vogue at least once a year and it's refreshing to see that. Korea Vogue and Nippon Vogue need to be more inclusive of other Asian models.

That said, my favorite shots here are photos #1, #5 (love the make-up there), #10 and #12 (gorgeous white dress with yellow beadings). I don't particularly like some of the blurry shots -- the effect works well in some shots but not in others.

Model: Hye Park
Editorial: Haute Couture of Low-Key Paris
Magazine: China Harper's Bazaar, November 2008
Photographer: Alan Gelati

Source: Scanned by Aja of

Daul Kim Editorial for i-D Magazine, November 2008

Model: Daul Kim & Others
Editorial: Collection Directory Autumn/Winter 08
Magazine: i-D Magazine, October 2008
Photographer: Unknwon
Stylist: Erika Kurihara

Source: tFs