Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Philip Huang Editorial for (Italy) Style Magazine, September 2009

I guess this is going to be MALE MODEL week. Stay tuned for more images/editorials of your favorite Asian male models.

Model: Philip Huang (Pure)
Editorial: Young British Power
Magazine: (Italy) Style Magazine, September 2009
Photographer: Massimo Pamparana
Stylist: Luca Roscini

Source: bloccoperappunti via Flashbang@tFs

Philip Huang & Shih-Han Hsiao Editorial for Vogue Hommes Nippon, Fall 2009/Winter 2010

Models: Philip Huang (Pure) & Shih-Han Hsiao (New York)
Editorial: Idol Worship
Magazine: Vogue Hommes Nippon, Fall 2009/Winter 2010
Photographer: Josh Olins
Stylist: Shun Watanabe
Hair: Shay Ashual
Makeup: Maki Ryoke

Source: Models.com

Monday, September 28, 2009

Philip Huang Ad Campaign for Tommy Hilfiger, Fall 2009/Winter 2010

Click here to see the behind the scene video of shooting the ad campaign.

Eugenia Mandzhieva Editorial for UK Elle, September 2009

Model: Eugenia Mandzhieva (Trump)
Editorial: Karma Chameleon
Magazine: UK Elle, September 2009
Photographer: Lee Broomfield
Stylist: Natalie Wannsbrough-Jones

Source: Awake-Smile

Shu Pei Editorial for Vogue China, October 2009

Models: Shu Pei (Next) & Madisyn Ritland (Silent - Paris)
Editorial: The New Fur
Magazine: Vogue China, October 2009
Photographer: Jason Kibbler
Stylist: Julia von Boehm

Source: kazaf @ tFs

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Charlotte Carey Ad Campaign for Rock & Republic, Fall 2009/Winter 2010

I posted two photos from the Rock & Republic ad campaign recently. Here is the complete set (I hope). Also, the Rock & Republic website has a great song. Can someone ID the name of the song?

Model: Charlotte Carey (Photogenic LA) & Stephane Olivier (Photogenic LA)
Ad Campaign: Rock & Republic, Fall 2009/Winter 2010
Photographer: Giuliano Bekor
Stylist: Keegan Singh
Hair: Giannadrea
Makeup: Gudrun

Sources: Photos #1, 3-7 from Rock & Republic, Photo #2 from Zinio abd Photo #8 from Le Book

Ujjwala Raut Editorial for Condé Nast Traveler, September 2009

Model: Ujjwala Raut (IMG)
Editorial: Putting on the Raj
Magazine: Condé Nast Traveler, September 2009
Photographer: Daniela Federici
Stylist: Mark Connolly

Source: Scanned by pmegha @ tFs

Tao Okamoto Editorial for Vogue Nippon, September 2009

The editorial is so-so, in my opinion. I like that they used different photography, lighting and styling approaches here but most of the photos are pretty bland.

But photo #5 (Francesco Scognamiglio's ruffled sleeved blouse with alien gladiator leather skirt) is mind blowing! The hair, the make-up and the styling are spot on there.

Compare photo #1 to photo #5, photo #1 -- spike collar with boring leather skirt -- looks like a freshman class homework assignment for "tough biker chick"; boring and predictable.

Model: Tao Okamoto (Supreme)
Editorial: Hard To Impress
Magazine: Vogue Nippon, September 2009
Photographer: Daniel Jackson
Stylist: Sissy Vian

Source: Fashion Gone Rogue

Lakshmi Menon & Rachel Rutt Magazine Cover for French Revue de Modes, Fall 2009/Winter 2010

Models: Lakshmi Menon (Ford) & Rachel Rutt (Next)
Magazine: French Revue de Modes, Fall 2009/Winter 2010
Photographer: Thierry Le Goués

Source: fashionising.com